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Direct and Real-time MP3 Record form anywhere?

Yes! All in Advanced MP3 Recorder!

Advanced MP3 Recorder is a powerful Windows sound program that will record any sound generated, or  requested, by any other computer program such as Windows Media Player, Quick  Time, WinAmp, etc. Additionally, it also will record any sounds that come from  the Internet through your sound card, either as audio files or live streams.  Your favorite recorded sounds are direct saved in mp3,wma or wma format. Advanced MP3 Recorder also will allow you  the option to record any online audio conversations, such as those on Internet  Telephony. Whether you want to record business conversations to later be transposed to handy notes for future reference, or keep your sweetheart's voice to be played when you get lonesome, you can count on Advanced MP3 Recorder to provide  you with the advantage of recording the audio for safekeeping.

If you would like to "try  before you buy," you may download the shareware version , which limits recordings to 60 seconds. If you want to record for unlimited time,please register first,The registration fee is only $29.95,and we offer 15 day unconditional money back guarantee.

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